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Recent Survey Shows High Career Satisfaction Among LMTs

Was Mark Twain right when he said, "Find a job you enjoy doing and you'll never have to work a day in your life."? Find out what Massage Therapists think.

Massage Has Many Benefits, But This Is Not One of Them...

After a session, have you ever told a client to "Drink a lot of water to flush out those toxins we've stirred up!"? Read this informative article from Massage Magazine to find out how that statement can actually perpetuate a myth and harm your credibility.

IME/KCHA Alumna Teresa Piatek '04 Featured in MASSAGE Magazine

Read about Teresa's experiences in both massage and martial arts and how they converge.

LARA Continuing Education Requirement Reminder Letter

Check your email for this reminder from the Michigan Licensing And Regulatory Affairs department regarding your Massage License Continuing Education requirements.

Mayo Clinic Recognizes Benefits of Massage

Read about the many benefits of Massage as a complementary form of medicine.

Touch Listed as One of 4 Key Components of Happiness

Business Insider writer Eric Barker offers 4 keys to Happiness...

Massage as Part of Holistic Approach for PTSD

Read about how the Aloe Foundation in Austin, TX is using massage to help support individuals with PTSD.

Are Massages Actually Good For You?

Learn why one TIME reporter is convinced about the answer to that question.

Safe Alternatives to Opioids

When pain becomes too much to bear, many turn to drugs. But, there are alternatives that could be as effective and much safer.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, Including Massage, Can Beat Drugs in Pain Management

A recent NPR article shows that drugs can be beat when it comes to pain management.