Institute for Massage Education: Success & Support | Kalamazoo, MI

The Institute for Massage Education is serious about supporting our students.  Instructors and staff members are here to provide a quality education for each and every student.  

Student Success Workshop

The Student Success Workshop is one of the first courses you will be enrolled in. The goal is to address, from the very beginning of your training, what is required for success in the process of becoming a Massage Therapist. You will take a look at what may trip you up and be assisted in creating strategies to overcome any and all obstacles on the way to your goal.

Success coaching

Success Coaching is available to any student when they need individualized support during their program. Success Coaching gives the student feedback, ideas, encouragement and suggestions on how to continue moving forward to becoming a Certified Massage Therapist.  A simple request is all that is needed to access this support.

Computer access

There are computers located in the classroom that are available for student to use for school related projects.