Indian Head Massage for Chair & Table

Course description

Indian Head Massage is based on massage techniques that have been practiced in India for over a thousand years. The massage is calming, yet revitalizing working on the upper back, neck, shoulder, face and scalp.

Indian Head Massage can help eyestrain, headaches, improve concentration (by improving blood flow to the scalp), boost hair health, relieve shoulder tension, increase neck mobility, calm the mind and ease emotional stress.

This massage is given while the client is fully clothed sitting in a chair or may be added to a table massage (with oil for arms, shoulders, neck and upper back – optional oil for scalp and face). Lolita Knight, founder of Olympic Massage has created Indian Head Massage strokes for the table. As far as she knows, Lolita is the only one who has done this, as the tradition is only for sitting in a chair. She did this as numerous students asked for table adaptations.  Pressure points are stimulated during the massage. Oil is optional for the scalp massage for both chair and table techniques. Barb will have herbal and/or aromatherapy scalp oil.

Learn a method that will totally bliss out your clients while giving them gentle relief from physical ailments. Be able to stand out by offering as a regular office chair massage, for geriatric clients confined to a wheelchair, and chair massage for events -- plus learn extra creative strokes for your table massage.

Students may leave on their clothing or remove upper garments if they wish for the table version. A Velcro spa towel works well. When receiving the first part of the chair Indian Head a hair clip to tie back hair is beneficial with the hair free and loose for the second part.

Please have clean hair and use no hair products on day of class.

Course details

Date(s): Sunday, July 24, 2016
Cost: $160 before May 30/ $185 after
CEs: 8
Instructor: Barbara Kilzer



*All continuing education opportunities are based on availability. In the event that a course does not fill, or the instructor must cancel, the Institute for Massage Education reserves the right to cancel the course.


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