Fijian Massage (Full Course)

Course description

Fijian Massage is a method where therapists use 9 different parts of their own feet to effectively massage clients who are lying on padded cushions on the floor. The anterior AND posterior of the body will be covered in this course. The main benefit of Fijian Massage is that it “saves the therapist’s hands” thereby increasing the number of “injury free” hours worked per day. This can raise the number of clients seen per day plus adding to your career longevity. In addition, it helps clients to recover faster from muscle injuries and most clients prefer the more gentle pressure with the heel of the foot being utilized instead of the elbow.

The Fijian Massage does not include walking on client’s back.

All strokes can be done standing or sitting in a chair as the weight of your leg gauges the pressure.  No hands, arms or shoulders are ever used with any aspect of Fijian Massage making it truly a “hands saving” technique.

Learning Objectives

1. Study the history of Fijian Massage

2. Practice balance techniques or simply sit in a chair while giving the Fijian Massage.

3. Learn how to effectively massage clients with your feet.

4. Obtain marketing skills for the Fijian Massage.

5. Gain knowledge of the 9 different parts of the foot for various strokes, pressure and positioning.

6. Experience massaging while standing, sitting in a chair and reclining on the floor.

7. Recognize importance of foot care.

8. Become skilled at deep therapeutic and lighter relaxation strokes.

Students need to wear cotton clothing, no jeans.  Students will bring a large sheet for the floor, single sheet to cover pads, 6 pillows or cushions or the Body Support System or floor mats/pads; face cradle covers (students need to have face cradles that will NOT lie flat on the floor – we need breathing space) 2 pillow cases and water to drink.

Course details

Date(s): July 22-23, 2016 (8 am - 5 pm)
Cost: $300 before July 9 / $325 after
CEs: 16
Instructor: Barbara Kilzer


*All continuing education opportunities are based on availability. In the event that a course does not fill, or the instructor must cancel, the Institute for Massage Education reserves the right to cancel the course.


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