Alumni Profile: Megan G. '16

Instructor Profile

What are you doing now?
I currently have a small traveling practice. I go to where my clients need me. I love the flexibility of being able to work my business around my family's schedule. I also teach the MAAP, Massage As A Profession, workshop for those interested in learning about becoming IME students.


What do you remember most vividly about studying massage at IME/KCHA?
I love the fact that the instructors really care about the students. They not only want the students to succeed as massage therapists but in life.


How did IME/KCHA prepare you for your career? Would you recommend IME/KCHA? Tell us why.
Self care is such an important aspect of the education at IME. Taking care of myself gives me the ability to give of myself to others.


What do you like most about being a Licensed Massage Therapist?
I love the fact that I can help people get a little escape from their daily lives.


Please share any advice for current students or those considering studying at IME.
If massage is your passion IME can help you reach your goals. Ask for what you need because assistance is available.