Alumni Profile: Deb L. '11

Instructor Profile


What are you doing now?
I teach FTM, ACU, and ADP. I have my own practice in Richland, MI (8530 M-89). I work one day a week at the West Michigan Cancer Center.


What do you remember most vividly about studying massage at IME/KCHA?
First few weeks of FTM, deciding/discovering I can be a massage therapist. Also loved ADP.


How did IME/KCHA prepare you for your career? Would you recommend IME/KCHA? Tell us why.
I do recommend IME/KCHA. It is a well rounded program that gave me opportunity to practice and be prepared for running my own business (as a bodyworker and as a manager/communicator of my practice).


What do you like most about being a Licensed Massage Therapist?
The opportunity to support people in whatever they are experiencing in their life journey.


Please share any advice for current students or those considering studying at IME.
This program not only teaches massage techniques/skills, but incorporates communication, business and self-care practices to provide a healthy/fulfilling life style.