Alumni Profile: Connie L. '97

Instructor Profile



What are you doing now?
I have a private massage practice located in my home, and I teach several courses at IME.

What do you remember most vividly about studying massage at IME/KCHA?
The experience exposed me to so many new ways of seeing, knowing, and feeling myself, others, and the world around me. Although I was already a nurse before studying massage, I learned about so many new ways of supporting my own body and others' bodies and healing.

How did IME/KCHA prepare you for your career? Would you recommend IME/KCHA? Tell us why.
In addition to excellent instruction in various modalities of bodywork, I also learned the other "soft skills" that are crucial to success in the field - self-care, body mechanics, professionalism, ethical standards, business skills, and communication. I remember being told that KCHA's goal was to give us all the tools we needed in order to do professional massage therapy for as long as we chose to practice. In the twenty plus years I have done massage I have never injured my body or burned out. I attribute this to excellent preparation and recommend IME without reservation for massage and bodywork education.

What do you like most about being a Licensed Massage Therapist?
"Most" would have to be the privilege of supporting my clients by offering what I can to assist the healing process. I also love the opportunity to work independently and creatively, and to have a flexible schedule.

Please share any advice for current students or those considering studying at IME.
Take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new, see things from a different perspective, look honestly and deeply at yourself, and expand your comfort zone .... it is worth it!