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Alumni Profile: Zachary C. '15


What are you doing now?
I've had my own practice Massage and Motion LLC for 3 years.
I work with runners, athletes and bodybuilders.
Built my own tiny house on wheels and going to move to Tennessee at the end of 2019.
How did IME/KCHA prepare you for your career? Would you recommend IME/KCHA? Tell us why.
IME not only gave me skills I needed to do massage but also how to work with people and develop myself as a practitioner as well as a individual.
What do you like most about being a Licensed Massage Therapist?
Working at the human body, problem solving and hoping people understand how to better take care of yourselves.
Please share any advice for current students or those considering studying at IME.
Take as much information in as you can in practice it and develop your own style.
Learn the science develop the art.

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