Enrollment Steps

These steps don't have to be done in this order, so you get started with almost any of them!

  1. Attend a FREE Massage as a Profession Workshop.  These are held the first Wednesday of each month.
  2. Submit your Application.
  3. Schedule a meeting with Admissions staff.  Call 269-373-0910 or email admissions@kcha.com.
  4. Sign your Enrollment Agreement.  This can be done with a deposit as small as $100.  This step makes you an official student at IME & able to register for classes.
  5. Submit a copy of your driver's license and high school (or higher education) diploma.
  6. Receive a massage in our Educational Clinic.  It's $70 and can be scheduled by calling 269-373-0910 or emailing kchands@kcha.com.
  7. Attend a 1 hour Orientation.  We'll schedule this once you've officially enrolled.