Enrollment Steps

These steps don't have to be done in this order, so you get started with almost any of them!

  1. Attend a FREE Massage as a Profession Workshop.  These are held the first Wednesday of each month.
  2. Submit your Application.
  3. Schedule a meeting with Admissions staff.  Call 269-373-0910 or email admissions@kcha.com.
  4. Attend the next Vision Board Workshop.  This is optional, but recommended!
  5. Sign your Enrollment Agreement.  This happens when you have your tuition plan done.  This step makes you an official student at IME!
  6. Receive a massage in our Educational Clinic.  It's $70 and can be scheduled by calling 269-373-0910 or emailing kchands@kcha.com.
  7. Attend a 1 hour Orientation.  We'll schedule this once you've officially enrolled.
  8. Submit a copy of your driver's license and high school (or higher education) diploma.